Work packages

- Delivering of C-MNMs which are stimulated to solar radiation 
- Determine the presence of C-MNMs in different environmental matrices 
- Studty the main degradation products 

      - Performig of bioconcentration experiments with micro-plankton, biofilms and 
        single species 
      - Radioactive measurement of all samples

             - Assessment of long-term low-dose effects of CMNMs to organisms 
             - Compare effects to organisms after water and dietary exposure 
             - Assment of mixture toxicity and trojan horse effects 

            - Perform different case studies with CNTs in different freshwater microcosms 

           - Evaluate the sorption of bisphenol A and triclocarban to C-MNMs and                  
             weathered counterparts

          - Ensure exchange of information and transfer of knowledge                                             - Coordinate the dissemination and the exploitation of results 
          - Establish the relationships of the consortium with the end users and authorities